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A Busy time For GIN As Proposal is Made for New Price Regime

By Rafał - 2019-04-13

The reward structure of the GIN network would be updated. This revelation was made through a proposal by the GIN Foundation in its quest to adopt a funding solution that favors the GIN ecosystem and Masternode operators.
After the creation of the GIN Foundation and GEA Protocol, GIN Foundation is proposing an update of the block rewards structure. 
The GIN Foundation which was incorporated 3 weeks ago in Amsterdam also got listed on Livecoin exchange a week later.
The Foundation already has a few sources of income such as the premine split which takes care of the running cost of activities such as accounting, legal and miscellaneous expenditures. These have been allocated 5,937.50 GIN per month.
The project also allocated a development fund of 1GIN per block to create awareness on the project through marketing and education. All the advancement of the GIN and GEA protocols are the effects of the monthly allocation to the Foundation.
The GIN Freighter fleet is one of the advancement being that its work goes beyond the GIN network enabling the Masternode to improve on its utility through more work done.
Other sources of income for the Foundation aside the GIN Masternode reward are payments made by GEA customers for services rendered, availability subsidy which comprises 30% of generated income shared among qualifying freighters. There’s also the service subsidy that comprises 70% split depending on work done by freighters.
The recent proposal suggests changes in the pricing regimen of the GIN network. The release stated that the reason for the changes which lowered the cost of running dedicated GIN nodes is meant to make it easier for future node operators to join the network.
The necessitated the reduction in the price of setting up a dedicated GIN node from $12.60 to $9.99 per month, an adjustment which is already available on the network an applicable to old nodes and incoming ones.
The release also announced the disabling of existing GIN cloud nodes to allow for ease of transition of all GIN nodes to freighters. In the meantime, all existing cloud nodes would maintain the status quo obtainable before now pending new directives.
There are other blockchains that have their pricing modified. These are Dash, PIVX and Horizen Secure and Super nodes, all of which are priced at $24.90 per month. The new pricing takes effect in 7 days.
GIN makes it possible for people to deploy Masternodes irrespective of their technical skill levels. There are 128 Masternode networks supported at the platform presently.
More about GIN at: https://ginplatform.io