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A tokenized NRG token is now available to trade on ETH blockchain

By Inkarias - 2020-11-08

Since the last years, Ethereum blockchain has been a strong actor in the crypto community, being a blockchain widely used for different transactions or as a support for various dApps with the utilization of smart contracts. With the proliferation of ERC20 tokens on top of ethereum blockchain, standard exchange services weren’t sufficient to handle the liquidity need of the community of investors. This problem has been solved quickly by Uniswap, a liquidity pool provider who took the first place in term of volume for an exchange platform. With the airdrop initiated in early september who the old users, the Uniswap team brought an important light on their activity and the LP platform. By providing liquidity to pools, investors are able to earn a share of the transaction fees every day. The platform quickly became a strong source of liquidity and a primary choice for project wishing to make a good start in the crypto sphere or for existing ones looking for more exposure.

How to acquire NRGE tokens

The Energi team originally minted 1 million NRGE to provide liquidity on Uniswap at the ratio of 1 NRG = 1 NRGE. In order to acquire some tokenized NRG, the process is similar to other projects trading on Uniswap.

NRGE Address: 0x1416946162b1c2c871a73b07e932d2fb6c932069

How to swap NRGT to NRG

Users will need to send their NRGT to the following redemption address: 0xa565dda50c6a8c556bd4b0cd3a44320aa91bc000 and Energi core team will send the exact balance to their wallet on Energi blockchain. This process will be automated in the future releases. However, for now, the minimum amount of NRGT sent must be over 1000.

More information about this new Energi token at https://www.energi.world/