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About Us

Are you interested in the world of cryptocurrencies and the financial benefits it can bring? Want to stay up to date on all the latest innovations and industry news ? Do you want to develop a passive income without constraints and to profit from it in the long term?

Masters of Nodes is for you!

Masters of Nodes is a traditional medium that is both educational and informational for anyone to discover and enjoy the cryptocurrency industry while enjoying its long-term benefits. Launched in 2018, we strive every day to research and unearth the pearls of tomorrow to develop passive income for life !

Composed of a team of passionate about new technologies and more particularly blockchain technology, we work tirelessly to provide quality information and content, fully verified, impartial and completely transparent while educating the general public as well as our most assiduous readers every day. Masters of Nodes is covering all sort of blockchain passive income/masternodes related insights, news, information, articles, reviews and events. We are commited to keeping people informed and updated about the happenings in real-time and about every subject that could bring a huge interest and value-added to their daily lives and financial operations.

Since our creation, we have implemented our vision in order to allow any user, whatever their financial capacity, to have the possibility of deriving both an educational and a financial advantage within a booming market but sometimes still technically difficult to access or understand. With our real-time statistics on current hot projects and our research focused on passive income, we offer our readers the best content and fundamental analysis regarding projects based on proof-of-work, proof-of-stake, masternodes, decentralized finance or more generally information on the top trending ideas and projects.

For any questions or enquiries, feel free to contact us via the appropriate button or send e-mail directly to support@mastersofnodes.com 

Disclaimer : Despite our experience in the cryptocurrency field, the content we produce is original and duly researched but does not constitute investment advices as the market evolves quickly. The various assets and currencies present on the market can be subject to high volatility and therefore require special attention and analysis before taking any financial decision.

Our offer

Are you a recently launched project or already a model in the crypto sphere and looking for a business or marketing opportunity for your network?

We can meet your need!

Masters Of Nodes, although based in London, is an entity bringing together various skills both technical and commercial across the world. Our team of experts, specialized in the crypto field for several years, can be a major asset for the success of your project in the long term by working together with you for the best results and products.

With this in mind, we have put in place a whole range of promotional offers to allow you to choose the best services at the best prices while keeping in mind a model of proximity with our partners. We therefore offer our offers in different languages used worldwide to allow a stronger impact on the general audience.

Our services

Expand to Polish Crypto Market!

  • Is the language  barrier a brake on the development of your project?

We take care of translating all the documents which could be useful to you in the exercise of your functions and in the daily operations: websites, whitepapers, articles, etc. and even the various contents relating to crypto-currencies which could interest you and allow you to move forward. High quality translations by experienced native speakers guaranteed.

  • Need advice or help reaching out to a media, market sector or managing marketing activities to expand your brand?

We take care of all the consulting part in order to put you in touch with our best contacts among the most famous on the market: helping projects to enter the Polish market, creating contacts with best local websites and media, taking care of press releases in native language, managing communities and more.

By choosing MastersOfNodes to help you move forward simply and easily through the crypto landscape, you are providing your community with the highest quality of service provided by people like you for a prosperous future.

For any questions or enquiries, feel free to contact us by sending an e-mail directly to business@mastersofnodes.com .