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Algorand Online chest tournament series with 5,000 ALGO prize pool

By Inkarias - 2020-11-04

The group leading the Algorand Project recently announced the launch of a new campaign to showcase the technology behind the project and the possibilities associated with it in a fun way. Through the arrival of the algorand online chess tournaments , the project expects a wider range of interested potentials from across the global community. In summary, Algorand organizes a series of online tournaments on the FIDE Online Arena with a total prize fund of 5,000 ALGO to bring more interest and challenges to all participants.

The various tournament participants will also have the opportunity to compete for arena ratings and qualify for official titles. Official ratings and titles data are recorded on Algorand's decentralized blockchain network in real-time, bringing reliability and transparency to the rating system of digital chess as well as a new use case in the online gaming field. Using blockchain technology to store the statistics and results will bring a lot of confidence and a new layer of security to the existing systems for chess players but more generally about gaming statistics.

About the tournaments

Algorand online tournament is organized as a weekly blitz tournament accessible for all players.

Details :

  • Pairing System : Swiss

  • Any player can join and participate

  • Time control of 3 minutes plus a 2-second increment per move.

The total prize fund for each tournament is set 600 ALGO and will be equally shared between the first three winners. Furthermore, there is a special prize of 800 AlGO for the best result shown by a player based on the results of all tournaments.

Dates :

Each new contest starts on Friday at 7PM starting from November 5,2020 for the first until December 17,2020 for the last.

All the information and related rules can be read at https://www.notion.so/Regulations-for-the-Algorand-Online-Tournaments-9c454e238ffb45a8a457399f7ef2e793