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ALQO. Community voting about premine use.

By Rafał - 2018-10-30

In cryptocurrency premine use is very important. November 1, according to ALQO website,  whole premine which is 100 000 XLQ, should be burned. Now, few days before that date,
co-founder of this project announce that there will be community voting where users will decide about future of this premined coins.
Using the premine to further develop the ALQO ecosystem would have a significant budgetary impact, while having negligible market impact overall.
Announcement was made by Jared Grey, Co-founder and CEO of ALQO project. It is very long, so if you invested in this coin you should read it at discord channel. If you have any ALQO coins you will be able to take part in this voting thanks to "Carbon voting". Every 1 XLQ is 1 vote.
ALQO Carbon voting
The voting will take place during the second week of November and will run until the 30th. There will be 5 possible options:
1. Retain 100% of the premine
2. Retain 75% of the premine, and burn 25% of it
3. Retain 50% of the premine, and burn 50% of it
4. Retain 25% of the premine, and burn 75% of it
5. Burn 100% of the premine
That 100 000 ALQO coins are just 0,167% of current circulating supply. If investors decide that devs should keep that premine it definitely help them with Bitfineon development and marketing.
We trust that this move will demonstrate our commitment to the project and its core ideals, while giving the community full control of such a fundamental aspect of it. Future announcements are forthcoming and will be made closer to the 2nd week of November prior to the vote's go-live date, to ensure overall integrity and voter fairness.
More about ALQO you can find at https://alqo.app/