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ALQO CTO departure and future path for Bitfineon

By Rafał - 2019-11-05

During last week, the general partners of BIG Fintech and Jared officially requested Kevin Collmer to step-down from his role of CTO with Bitfineon GmbH and of core-developer for ALQO. In accordance with the terms of his departure, Kevin has provided a written statement to the Bitfineon board that he will return the outstanding sum of 2.86m XLQ to the development team once the legal procedures regarding his departure will be fully complete ( This amount is part of the recent 10m XLQ developer reward introduced by the team). With the current legal framework surrounding this case and the legal engagements taken , the team cannot share further details concerning this recent decision . However, this decision was entirely approved by all members of the Bitfineon board via a majority shareholder.

Future changes for Bitfineon and ALQO

After this decision, the team aims to expand the development team and segregate the workflows to include a more efficient development task schedule. Agile/Scrum methodologies will be implemented to provide easy regular updates to the community regarding Bitfineon status as a whole.
Regarding Kevin’s departure, a leading blockchain developer with extensive and impressive development history in the blockchain space has been retained to take-over Kevin’s responsibilities as soon as possible. While the contract is still being finalized , the full details regarding this new team member should be announced during this week.
The latest news regarding Bitfineon organization is that Nash has been appointed as the new interim-CTO. Nash is a highly qualified and skilled Full Stack developer who has previously worked on Bitfineon and ALQO and will be assisted by Ra6e , providing front-end development support. Both Nash and Ra6e have been long-time members of the ALQO community and extremely talented supports.
All the changes in Bitfineon organization can be read in details at https://bitfineon.com