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ALQO refreshes its brand

By Rafał - 2020-04-13

Recently, Alqo core team has shared a preview on major changes regarding their company’s brand. The team believes the ALQO name perfectly presents the actual vision, that of a scalable payment network based on blockchain technology. ALQO, symbolizing an acronym for ‘A Liquid Object,’ or more easily understood Liquidity, the lifeblood of financial markets. With the current situation and in accordance with future milestones previously set, retaining the ALQO name is central to the long-term branding vision. Despite to renew market interest, the project has undergone a completely new logo & brand refresh. With this important change to the true nature of ALQO image, the team is planning to highlight the future-facing ambitions of the newly expanded team and ecosystem while retaining the instant recognizability of the ALQO brand.

[caption id="attachment_8774" align="aligncenter" width="1835"]alqo new logo New ALQO logo[/caption]

The vision behind the new logo

The new logo has been built and based on the strength of the original A-shape design while more clearly representing the liquidity theme, shown in a calming color palette. The idea was to emphasize the meaning of ALQO regarding Liquidity. The previous logo, inspired by the strongest of geometric shapes, the triangle, still remains in the new design. The strength provided by the triangle design permeates through the ALQO ecosystem, a virtue shared with the core team and community, who have persevered in the face of many obstacles since the original launch of the project. With the completed brand refresh, the team of ALQO wants to show to the crypto investors and the cryptosphere that the system is secure, stable, and focused on delivering high-quality blockchain products that further crypto’s adoption and the growth of the ALQO ecosystem.

More details regarding the logo and brand refresh can be seen at https://alqo.app