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"A Liquid Object". ALQO review.

By Rafał - 2018-11-18

ALQO is open source and fully autonomous cryptocurrency with "decentralized, all-in one financial and cloud services ecosystem."

Coin Specs

Block time:60 sec
Max supply:63 816 840
Premine:100 000
Masternode collateral:10 000


ALQO is financial and cloud services ecosystem. What is that mean? 

If you are looking at ALQO and you feel that this is just next masternode coin, you are wrong. Yes, they are Poof of Stake/Masternode (now), block time is 60 seconds, but they are way different from most of the coins. Team is  really trying to build their own ecosystem with a lot of services that they are or will be offering.

ALQO ecosystem

The ALQO ecosystem will be build on five main platforms: 

 - Liberio - light wallet with integrated governance system, 

 - Coinfolium - cryptocurrency portfolio,

 - Bitfineon -  cryptocurrency exchange,

 - Janus - blockchain analysys and intelligence platform

 - PayInx - payment processor and multi-asset gateway

After that ALQO will release next services and platforms like Covenant which will be scalable amart contracts and samart asset issuance platform.

 Liberio is high performance, user friendly, cross-platform thin client for storing, managing and tracking your ALQO on any device. It utilizes ALQO's distributed cloud network to provide seamless, one-click access to every service offered across the ALQO ecosystem using your Thumb ID.

At the moment of writing this review ALQO released two platforms Coinfolium and Liberio. Liberio wallet is looking great and have many features. One of the best is governance system called Carbon Voting.


Next and the biggest release will be Bitfineon, fast and highly secured cryptocurrency exchange. It is almost ready and we can expect BETA it in this (2018) year.

Bitfineon GmbH is company registerd in Switzerland. It is regulated and licensed by FINMA.

ALQO will be used to reduce fees at Bitfineon when users will be trading XQL pairs. Also, holders will be able to lock their XQL coins at the exchange and earn a share of the trading fees. Every user that decide to lock his coins will receive 50% of fees every 24 hours.

More you can find at https://bitfineon.com.

The best in this project is that when you are in their discord channel, social media or even check their website you can see how professional they are. Every announcement is important and mean something, you can watch community weekly update videos. You feel that they are working hard and making everything to become great.

The biggest value ALQO coins can reach when Bitfineon will be released and people start investing to receive share from the fees. If you want to mine ALQO by staking or setting up masternode you need to hurry. We are close to max supply. This is the only flaw I can find in this project we reach max supply way too fast.


They are professional in every aspect, team is not an exception. CEO and co-founder of ALQO and Bitfineon GmbH is Jared Grey. He has more than 20 years of experience in IT sales, consulting & business management. Co-founder and CTO is Kevin Collmer and COO is Moritz Heimberg.

Full team with Linkedin and twitter links you can find at ALQO website.


ALQO roadmap

It is great, detailed and very professional roadmap. Definitely one of the best roadmaps that I saw in masternode coins. On the website it is way better because at every step that is not realized already you can see a question mark. This is short description of every step, it is needed because most of the names are not telling us anything. Good job team!



Masternode collateral is 10000 XQL. To set up masternode you need to follow guide which you can find here

If you do not have any idea what is in that guide or you are new to masternodes you can use platforms like Gentarium or GIN to set up ALQO masternode in few clicks.

Can't afford full masternodes? You can always stake coins in your wallet or at Liberio app. You can also join shared masternodes polls. You can find them at ALQO discord channel.


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