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ALQO swap is officially live

By Rafał - 2019-12-14

Alqo team has shared a new announcement regarding the launch of the official swap to the new chain to secure the ALQO network. In order to help investors transitioning easily, the team has prepared a 4-minute video for community members who need assistance with the swap.

There are currently two methods for completing the Alqo swap. The first is via the official Discord Swap Bot available on the discord channel which can be used to complete the swap. However, this method is recommended for investors knowing how to use bots which could require some minimal technical understanding for actions. 

The second method, the easiest, is and via the only official swap page: https://swap.alqo.app/ (the how-to video linked below will walk investors through the steps to swap simply). This swap will allow the Alqo project to move forward with a secure and fast network without the influence of previous bad actors and poor performance issues plagued by the previous codebase. This codebase will serve as the new interim chain as the team continue working on development on the official upcoming chain which is planned to be released during the next year. There is currently no estimate date for the official release. The minimum swap amount is based at 100 coins. There is currently enough time for everyone to swap as the opportunity last until March 13th 12:00 UTC.

Special precautions for investors for the swap

Kevin (old team member as we introduced earlier) still retains ownership of https://alqo.org/ domain. Investors must not visit this url or attempt to swap via any other method except the official swap link here (https://swap.alqo.app/) and the official Discord Swap Bot.

More details regarding this swap can be found on the official discord as the site https://alqo.app/ is still under construction: https://discord.gg/TbJdXFs