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Altbet Esport mutual betting launch

By Rafał - 2018-12-21

After many announcements Altbet finally released Esport mutual betting category on Altbet Platform.
Altbet e-sport betting
Mutual betting was just release and devs advice to place small bets in case of any errors or bugs.
During the first days of the release of esports, we recommend playing with small rates. Familiarize yourself fully with the system and functionality.
For now the only available esport game is Counter Strike Global Offensive. More games will be added in first week of January. The team added new feature that will be automatically generating banners displaying esport bets with bankroll higher than 8 ABET into #esport-bet-monitoring channel on Altbet discord, Altbet wallet and Platform.
To start betting visit Altbet website https://altbet.io, sign up and deposit ABET into the platform.
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