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Altbet announces second upcoming utility for its native currency (ABET)

By Rafał - 2019-03-09

A new masternode hosting platform powered by Altbet is on its way and a conceptual presentation describing the same has been made available to the community by Altbet team.
Altnode logo
Altbet started working on the platform 2 months ago and has named it ‘Altnode’. Altnode will accept hosting payments only in ABET coin and will thus create another use case for Albet’s native currency.
Altnode charts
Users MN list
The platform will include some ingenious features such as the ‘Bulk feature’ which will allow users to set a node by just using outputs from debug consoles. Everything else will be fully automated. Users just need to import masternode configuration file and everything rest will be done automatically. This will not only save plenty of time but also make the process of setting up masternode much easier and convenient. Thus, you can set multiple nodes using this feature at once.

Supported coins on the platform will most probably be decided through voting by the community or ABET masternode holders. Altnode will skip the MN sharing and staking pool features as it’s not their main objective and also, they don’t want to take responsibilities for user’s coins.

Altnode dashboard
MN statistics - unfinished
Chart colour in MN statistics section is being worked on and the content made available by Altbet is not yet finalized and is meant just for presentation purpose to display what they are presently working on. The registration for Beta test and the whole platform will be launched soon.
For more info and a sneak peek of the Altnode Platform, visit https://www.reddit.com/r/Altbet/comments/az298d/upcoming_abet_second_utility