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Altbet: The Next Generation Betting platform

By Ronak_Sunara - 2018-11-23

From the ancient times, gambling is considered as a form of enjoyment and a sport to make money. Its popularity has continued to increase and spread over the generations. Gambling is not just bent towards luck, but also requires prediction, analysis skills and knowing when to rise and quit. Gambling can only prove beneficial if you are good at it. 

It’s morally wrong to allow a sucker to keep his money

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As we live in the world that is being digitalized completely in every field, gambling is no different and many online betting websites have emerged in the market as result of this. Blockchain technology has proven to have wide range of applications in the past few years. Now, finally it’s the time for betting platforms to make use of this revolutionary technology.

Altbet has written a new chapter in the history of gambling industry by combining mutual betting with blockchain technology and launching its own native cryptocurrency (ABET). In long term prospective Altbet aspires to become world’s leading online mutual betting platform. Use of blockchain technology has provided the Altbet betting platform with transparency, increased security and higher liquidity.

Altbet facilitates betting on wide range of categories such as sports, markets, Esports, political events, social events, commercial events etc.

What makes Altbet platform so special?


  1. First mutual betting platform based on its own cryptocurrency.
  2. Fully transparent platform (provably fair system).
  3. 0% casino’s profit on selected games.
  4. Anonymous gaming.
  5. Ultimate and smooth gambling experience.

Altbet Coin (ABET): platform’s native cryptocurrency

Altbet Coin specification
Altbet coin specification

ABET is open source masternode-based cryptocurrency focused on fast private transactions with low fees. It utilizes POS protocol to secure its network and enable reward mechanism. Its focus is to achieve instant full time private transactions. Masternode protocol plays a vital role in setting up the Altbet coin and providing its network and users with unique services and features.

You can setup your own masternode on Altbet platform and contribute to its network by staking certain amount (1000) of ABET coins in your wallet as collateral. In exchange you will receive block rewards for your contribution towards the development of the platform. Masternodes are placed in ranking. The masternode placed first in the ranking gains a reward equal to 80% of the block reward. After the masternode is granted with the above-mentioned reward, it is automatically relocated to end of ranking. This ensures uninterrupted connectivity and high-performance network.


Altbet is a revolutionary mutual betting platform based on their native cryptocurrency (ABET) that solves the problem of trust and transparency which lacks in other gambling platform by making use of blockchain technology with masternode protocol. It is a decentralized gaming platform which not only pays people who gamble, but also rewards people who support the development of platform by hosting masternodes.

Altbet provides extraordinary betting and gambling experience and is capable enough to rise among the world’s top gambling platform soon and even surpass them all in the long run. So far Altbet is following in the footsteps of its roadmap accurately and is showing significant progress and potential. I personally believe that Altbet platform will soon become well-established in the gambling industry and carve its way to the top.

If you don’t like trading, gambling and betting, then you don’t like living

William C. Brown

Check out Altbet’s website and whitepaper for more information