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AMA with Tomochain and introduction to Tomo products and future plans

By Rafał - 2019-12-04

The Decentralized Club group hosted an AMA with TomoChain on Dec. 2nd, 2019 where TomoChain's CBDO, Kyn Chaturvedi shared details regarding TOMO's products, and future business developments. The first part of this AMA was focused on discussing the several innovative products offered by the TomoChain infrastructure.

TomoZ, an innovative solution for daily use

TomoZ: Zero Friction allows the tokens to be issued on TomoChain, but the gas fee is paid by the token itself. Consider that as even if you use the Ethereum version of USDT, you’ll still need to hold ETH to send USDT properly. With a native stable coin on TomoChain, the token is all that is needed to send back and forth. The team has recently launched such tokens for exchanges powered by BitOrb and AIS and all new projects coming to TomoChain are using TomoZ as well.

Tomo future plans and 2019 milestones

TomoChain has few well-known tokens successfully built on it .Triip Protocol , for example , launched their token on TomoChain, went onto Shark Tank in Vietnam and walked away with a successful venture that connects travelers with destinations in an easy manner. The teams also has other announcements coming soon of more projects of value who will also be building on TomoChain and integrate the ecosystem.

A specific focus on the Asian market

As TomoChain founders are Vietnamese, it was clearly important to focus a market where that kind of solution is extremely needed. Vietnam is currently super active in crypto and is seen as a major growth market with a lot of potential for the upcoming years. Trust Wallet , the number one wallet, held by binance, is mainly used in Vietnam which make that zone a primary choice to develop a business in the long-run.