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An Update On Syscoin 4.0 Rewards and Specifications

By Rafał - 2019-03-06

In its latest update, Syscoin 4.0 narrated the game-changing features of the platform and how it hopes to leverage these in the projection of the blockchain network.
Some Features of Syscoin
Some of these features are improved security and its native Z-DAG and an improved flexibility that makes it capable of being merge-mined with Bitcoin.
The platform has also stretched the possibilities inherent in it through a bridging technology that could make Syscoin take advantage of desirable characteristics of other blockchains and vice versa.
Bridge-linking with Other Blockchains
An example of this innovation is the bridge linking attribute that its first prime target is the Ethereum blockchain. This would enable Syscoin leverage the smart contract features of Ethereum.
The possibilities are endless as the bridge linking technology enables Syscoin to benefit from the strengths of other blockchains while these chains would benefit from the versatility of Sysycoin.
The Sysycoin 3.0 was responsible for the creation of a more robust blockchain through the introduction of masternode to the protocol. This led to the decentralization of governance that has resulted in the growth of the network and a stronger community.
Syscoin has all it takes to build an amazing blockchain network considering its committed team and a strong community. The setback has been funding considering that there are platforms that have hundreds of millions of dollars at its disposal.
Despite the challenges, Syscoin has held its place as a worthwhile project despite the imbalance which is responsible for the low value of the coin in the current bear market.
Cryptoeconomics Adjustments
The prevailing cryptoeconomics condition is responsible for the recent resolution of the Foundation to increase the governance amount for the next 3 years.
According to the release, during this period, the superblock will contain an average of 935, 800 SYS that would be paid to winning proposals that got enough “yes” votes.
There has been an implementation of 5% decline for the coin going forward due to the belief of the foundation that price will appreciate in future.
The statement stated that “Starting the first month with 2,000,000 SYS and ending on the 36th month with 332,166 SYS. After that period, the amount is fixed at 130,000 SYS per superblock”.
Superblock Amount (SYS, Approx)
Superblock Amount (SYS, Approx)
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