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Ankr users can host Fetch.ai Mainnet Nodes

By RafaƂ - 2019-12-25

According to Ankr, users of the platform will have the ability to host and run their Fetch.ai master nodes. Fetch.ai is an AI-powered blockchain that is trying to accelerate research and deployment of emerging technologies.
According to Fetch.ai, the platform is aiming to have all 200 master nods running in 2020.
Chandler Song, CEO and Co-founder of Ankr said:
Fetch.ai are a unique proposition, aiming to address real-world problems that the real-world struggles to solve. This is what blockchain needs to accomplish eventual acceptance and adoption. Ankr are proud to be part of their journey and look forward to working alongside their team to support both their infrastructure and platform.
According to the official announcement, Ankr is already connected to top-end specification servers and counts with giant data providers like Telefonica or BCP. Additionally, Ankr basically offers unlimited global locations and minimizes latency while transactions are efficient and extremely fast.
It is also far cheaper than traditional cloud providers and is environmentally healthy. These are a few of the reasons that Ankr gives to users on why they should host their Fetch.ai node on Ankr.
Operators of Fetch.ai master nodes as the majority of master node hosters have to lock their FET tokens in order to participate in the PoS consensus. The official announcement states that Ankr will provide a complete guide on how to run Fetch.ai master nodes, requirements and pricing.