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Announcement of Masters of Nodes changes and new features for 2020

By RafaƂ - 2020-01-25

As you have seen in recent weeks, the frequency of publication of news concerning passive income projects has decreased. The reason for this decrease is related to the major changes that will occur on the site in the coming weeks!
First, the official site is being completely redesigned and redefined to improve quality and the experience for readers. This improvement involves the complete overhaul of the various menus as well as the ergonomics of the site. The editorial line of Masters of Nodes will remain almost identical and will continue to offer subjects directly related to projects allowing the easy development of passive income with the blockchain, including projects based on proof-of-stake or its variants. The main additions will mainly be at the level of the information available concerning the different currencies stated on our platform. Detailed statistics will be put in place to provide the community with a quick way to discover all the features and information of a specific project at a glance.
Our platform will also allow you to easily consult the various staking pools and masternode hosting solutions at the best prices. In the same way as in 2019, we will continue to offer some educational content for readers to allow them to simply learn the world of blockchain and all that surrounds it.
Finally, after having established our first partnerships in this area, we are also opening new services for existing projects wishing to increase their audience. This change includes private article creation and translation services that will allow us to share our blockchain expertise with an interested audience. The new site will be available as soon as possible in a few weeks and will be able to offer quality statistics and information for the enjoyment of readers.