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The easiest way to set up masternode: Apollon review

By Rafał - 2019-01-24

The Apollon is not just another masternode hosting platform. Apollon is offering revolutionary tools for all masternode investors and solves the problem of setting up masternodes for good.

Coin Specs

Block time:90 sec
Max supply:250 000 000
Premine:9 000 000 (3.6%)
Masternode collateral:25 000
Apollon rewards


I know what you think. "Omg, another hosting platform, maybe they are going to start exchange too..."
No, at least I hope not. About exchanges in masternodes projects we need to prepare another article...
Apollon is real revolution in setting up masternodes. I can say it works very similar to GIN, Gentarium or Hostmasternode but it is really doing everything for you. It is creating masternode, editing configuration file and even start masternode! All this, thanks to NodeBuilder app.


NodeBuilder is an application provided by Apollon. It allows its users to set up one of supported masternodes coins in few clicks.
But why NodeBuilder is real revolution? If you watched video above you probably already know that. In NodeBuilder you do not need to do anything except wallet configuration. It is not even configuration... The only thing you have to do is set path to your wallet (or wallets if you want to set up few different masternodes).
And how the whole process looks like? You have to send masternode collateral to your wallet (if it is Apollon you have to send 25000 XAP), deposit coins to NodeBuilder and start building masternode. The app will do everything for you, I mean it, everything! Set up masternode, configure your wallet files, restart wallet, and start masternode. If you have password to your wallet (you should have) you can enter it in NodeBuilder or you can start your masternode from wallet if you do not trust this app.
NodeBuilder is great for newbies. It is fast and easy but it is not the best feature in Apollon app. In my opinion the best is RYON.

Run Your Own Nodes

We already prepared article about what is Project RYON. Great article made by Ronak you can find here.
So in few words, what is RYON? It allows you to host masternodes on your VPS! For now, it supports Vultur and DigitalOcean. But how deploying masternodes on your own server benefits you?
It is easy. You can set up more than one masternodes on one server. Unfortunately one masternode hosted by Apollon costs you (at the moment of writing this article) $9.99 per month. It is a lot if you compare it to other sites. However, when you set up masternodes on your VPS you are paying for server (e.g. $5 Vultur server) and for RYON service. You can set up up to 4-5 masternodes on $5 Vultur VPS. So your cost is $1 per masternode + RYON fees, one time payment $2.99 for node and $1.29 per month.
As you can see, if you deployed 5 masternodes on one VPS your monthly cost is $2.29 per node.
Of course, you can also set up Apollon masternodes on RYON which is even better, check below video:
RYON is part of NodeBuilder, you can choose how you want to set up masternode, by NodeBuilder or RYON.


Apollon Team


Apollon premine is 3.6% of max supply. It is quite a lot to be honest. I do not like projects with premine more than 1% unless that projects are really great. Apollon in my opinon is. I can forgive that 9 million coins because they developed great app with great features. They really make setting up masternodes easy.



Masternode collateral is 25 000 XAP. The best way to set up Apollon masternodes is by RYON on NodeBuilder. It is the cheapest and easiest way to do that. Check how to deploy up to 7 Apollon masternodes by RYON on the video above in "Run Your Own Nodes" section.
Apollon investment is very long-term investment probably. Current price of one masternode is about $60 and when yearly ROI is about 70% you are earning $3 per month minus hosting fees. It is not so great investment for now if you are looking on pure numbers but Apollon has great potential to grow. Only 250 million max supply, current price which is way under 1 cent is a joke...

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