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Apollon’s Project RYON

By Ronak_Sunara - 2018-12-09

Masternodes and Proof of Stake (POS) protocols are believed to hold the future of cryptocurrencies. Not only are Masternode projects cost-efficient as they don’t require any mining setup or other costly resources to run, but are also rewarding as they provide passive income to the masternode owners in the form of block rewards.

About Apollon

Apollon is another masternode-based project that endeavours to make investing in masternode coins easy, secure and transparent. It envisions a future where anyone can easily purchase a masternode and participate in the blockchain rewards just as simply as buying stocks online.

Not long ago, Apollon released their masternode investment platform called as “Apollon NodeBuilder” for Windows, Mac and Linux (download link: https://apollon.one/download-nodebuilder/). Using Apollon’s NodeBuilder platform, one can launch a new masternode within minutes by running its software on any compatible PC. Although, initially one will of course need to fund their wallet with enough collateral of their desired masternode.

To get a clear idea on how to easily build a masternode in minutes on Apollon NodeBuilder, watch Its demo below:

What is Apollon’s Project RYON?

RYON which stands for “Run Your Own Nodes” is a new service from Apollon which being in development for a while is almost ready now. This new service of Apollon will work in conjunction with the existing NodeBuilder tech and aims at reducing the node hosting costs for its customers to one of the lowest levels seen in the market at present.
Project RYON
Apollon’s technology allows it to run multiple nodes on a single VPS (virtual Private Server). RYON provides this technology to its customers to let them stack nodes on their own rented VPS’s. NodeBuilder platform customers will be able to deploy nodes to their VPS’s in a similar manner to how they are deployed to Apollon hosted VPS’s.

RYON Service Pricing

Apollon has decided to run a short promotion to give early adopters access to the lowest prices possible for the first 12 months. Its set to release on December 31st, 2018 (subject to change). The table below also includes total approximate pricing of hosting a VPS+node. Although, the pricing will briefly depend upon which VPS provider client uses, specs of VPS and how many nodes the client decides to run on the VPS.
Release Promotional Pricing:

Setup fees

Monthly Service Fee for One year


1st and 2nd week


$0.79 / node


3rd to 6th week

$1.99 / node

$0.99 / node


Ongoing pricing

$2.99 / node

$1.29 / node


NodeGuard automated masternode updates, VPS-local masternode monitoring and Zendesk support will be included in monthly service fee. RYON puts all the control in the hands of the customer.

Steps to deploy a RYON node

The procedure to deploy a RYON node is very much like the Nodebuilder deployment experience with just a couple of additional steps.
  1. Open an account with a VPS provider of your choice and add a funding source to your account (debit/credit card).
  2. With the support and guidance from Apollon, obtain an API key from the VPS provider.
  3. Download the NodeBuilder software and register an account and credit it by using XAP.
  4. Choose the node that you wish to build and select one of the provider options that are presented within the platform and supply the API key previously obtained from the VPS provider.
  5. Choose the VPS that you wish to deploy.
  6. After completing all the above steps, the NodeBuider/RYON deploys the node, configures the node and starts the wallet.
All these steps and procedure will be covered by Apollon in the set-up guides and videos before the launch of RYON service.


RYON (Run Your Own Nodes) is a close to ready service from Apollon will work in conjunction with its existing NodeBuilder technology to reduce the node hosting costs for its customers. Apollon’s RYON service will enable its customers to stack nodes on their own rented VPS’s. Thus, providing them will plenty many options to choose from. RYON service is set to release on 31st December 2018 (subject to change).
For more information on Apollon and its RYON service, visit: