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Ark Advocate Program is live

By Rafał - 2019-08-27

The ARK Advocate Program is a new initiative to increase community collaboration which allows to receive a certification to represent ARK.io in an official status. This program enables ARK to better recognize, support and collaborate with the community members who wish to contribute to the community growth. The advocates will be able to attend Ark events , creating an exciting opportunity for ARK Advocates to step in and discuss all things related to ARK ecosystem.
The ARK Advocate Program will enable community members to travel, host, attend and present at the following events : Community meetups, small conferences and workshops (If technical requirements are met)
Through the application and training process, all ARK Advocates will be equipped with a certification, presentations to spread the ARK message within local communities across the world.
In addition, certified ARK advocates will have the creative freedom to organize community meetups with the support of the Ark team and community.
The Ark team actively support the advocates through :
  • ARK swag kits
  • Official support and promotion of events
  • Event listings on the ARK.io events page
  • Access to direct communication channels with the ARK Team.
  • Bounties and/or expense reimbursements (amount TBD)
  • Official presentation slides on various themes

Process Overview

The process is easy and simple for everyone :
  1. Candidates must create a 2 to 4-minute video speaking about themself , their motivation to become an advocate and their appreciation about Ark.
  2. An application form is available on ARK.io/ark-advocate and must be completed before the deadline.
  3. Participants will join the team in a video conference for a series of group training sessions making sure the ARK knowledge is watertight.
For more information or an application to the ARK Advocate Program,you can visit: