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ARK Bounty program and October releases

By Inkarias - 2019-11-05

The Ark core team has been actively working during October to push the newest Ark updates in production to fix all the issues brought by the community. The ARK Monthly Development Report covers all pull requests (opened, closed, merged) as well as all issues opened and closed in every ARK Ecosystem public repository. The complete list of updates for the month of october can be found here and covering all associated links to find the different releases. At the same time , the Ark group is launching a new bounty program as they previously did in January 2019.

Different community bounties

ARK, with its technical complexity, often hires members from the community to improve the whole ecosystem. The security bounty program as well as the development program are two ways to show community enthusiasm, skills, ethics and general support and have been introduced few months ago , rewarding users for their participation with rewards going from 20 dollars to a few hundreds in some rare cases and depending on the problem complexity.
More recently, Ark has started to run a special Core v2.6 bounty that can reward any user with up to $100 just for reporting different issues to the core team. The diversity of talents within the Ark community allow the developers to actively participate in the future of the Ark project. Any user wishing to participate in the Ark development program can join this campaign freely and even join the Tier 0 program at https://ark.io/projects. Once 2.6 is live on Devnet, Ark team will have an initial ‘beta’ public testing period. This new program will allow users to earn ARK tokens in exchange for simply reporting issues related to Core v2.6 version.! Finally, if a user provides a pull-request for it , it will be counted for the top monthly contributors with some prizes to win as well.
More information about these bounties at https://ark.io