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ARK Core Generic Transaction Interface Introduction

By Rafał - 2019-08-21

ARK Core v2.6 is now in the final stages of development and before the beginning of the extensive testing phase on the Development Network, the team wishes to share an overview on a major feature that developers have been working on for the past few months.
The basic premise of GTI is to provide an easy way to implement and include new transaction types in the ARK Core without the need to modify parts of the Core (which can become very complex in certain cases). It can be as simple as including pre-defined templates depending on the use case of the blockchain or re-using already present types and modifying their parameters to introduce brand new ones. In a vast majority of cases and projects, the implementation will be an easy process.
This approach is a major step forward to develop more use-cases than conventional smart contracts, which are now mainly used for distribution of tokens on a network. Smart contract tokens usually result in bloating or slowing down the network they live on and as time passes and more tokens are issued it become an often congested network.

GTI and transactions

GTI is also fully part of the plan for the introduction of new transaction types that Ark is integrating into Core v2.6, such as , in short, the introduction of Schnorr’s multi-signatures, hash-timelock(HTLC), multi-payments, delegate resignation, and IPFS hash transaction types. Other new types (specifically bridgechain/business registration) will also benefit the wider ARK Ecosystem as they are a precursor to the upcoming ARK Marketplace.
GTI was designed to help ARK Ecosystem developers and bridgechain operators streamline and speed up implementation of transaction types as well as to make them easier to code and more maintainable. If you want to check how it’s done in practice, look at real-world implementations of our base transaction types (transfer, vote, delegate registration). By using AIP-29 you will be able to follow a streamlined process of creating and securing a custom transaction type that can be deployed to any ARK based bridgechain. If you are interested to learn more about GTI and AIP, you can visit : https://github.com/ArkEcosystem/AIPs/blob/master/AIPS/aip-29.md
New transaction types go hand in hand with the new functionalities of the ARK Deployer. The Deployer serves as the primary vehicle for building, deploying, and managing blockchains. Deployer users will be able to select and register a new bridgechain, and pre-select the set of modules included in the bridgechain launch (including a selection of predefined transaction templates that Ark ecosystem will provide in the future).
You can learn more information about the vision towards Ark system and further deployment at: https://blog.ark.io/an-introduction-to-blockchain-application-development-part-1-7bb2082e5e44.