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Ark core v2.6 is ready to be launched next week

By Rafał - 2020-02-04

After months of developing, testing, fine-tuning, refactoring and tidying up the code, the core team of the Ark project is glad to announce that Ark core v2.6 is officially ready to be launched for the community.
The date when ARK Core v2.6 officially goes from development network to public network is set for the 11th of February 2020 at 3 PM UTC. The migration will start and may last for a few hours until everything is completely ready, as the team shared:
During the time of migration, there could be a period of slower block times as all delegates update and also most of the exchanges will disable deposits and withdrawals as they update their infrastructure to be compatible with Core v2.6.
Ark core v2.6 is a major release that brings a lot of new features and possibilities for DPoS based models , including some changes in the management of delegates.

New DPoS Blockchain features

The ARK Public Network will be one of the first blockchain to introduce some new innovative features with this release:
  • GTI (Generic Transaction Interface) allowing to develop new transaction types with custom logic
  • Nonces making it more secure and harder to perform double-spend attacks on the network
  • Multipayments sending to multiple ARK addresses, while just initiating one transaction, saves time and cost
  • Multisignatures as all the investors can get the benefits of multisignatures where more than one user can propose or spend funds depending on the predefined terms.
  • IPFS to register IPFS compliant hashes on the ARK blockchain within desktop wallet.
  • Delegate resignation: delegates who don’t want to be voted for anymore can now opt-out of this by simply initiating delegate resignation.
More details on Ark core 2.6 at https://ark.io/