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ARK introduces a new partnership with The Capital

By Inkarias - 2020-11-05

With recent announcements regarding the upcoming launch of MarketSquare, the Ark team has chosen to highlight some of the tasks accomplished during the development phase and specifically the development of a new partnership with The Capital. In short, The Capital project is a content platform focused on topics such as business, finance and tech, with publishing features built on top of it. The vision behind this name is a completely secure and intuitive system allowing users to monetize their content and micro-posts, as well as their personal brand across the whole community and the world without limits. This collaboration is a first step toward adding numerous projects to the growing Ark ecosystem and large network for MarketSquare.

As shared with the official data about the project:

"The Capital is doubling down on user monetization and influencer marketing, both of which generate over 10 million dollars annually and are growing at a pace of +70% per year. Platforms like Substack, Patreon, YouTube and Facebook are looking to capitalize on the growth within these industries" 

Ark is thus entering a field where the need is really important and still in infancy. Bringing important key actors of blockchain technology via partnerships will help improving this sector for the users’ benefits.

Solving an existing problem

The Capital, with its intrinsic vision of providing a more fair and equitable way to reward fairly users and creators will be a great value-added solution for the Ark network to publish and share several information efficiently. Popular content platforms generate a large amount of revenue based on advertisements placed on content that is published to their platforms but doesn’t share the same vision as The Capital. With the current solutions, the creators aren’t rewarded or at least not enough compared to the quality of their work. By offering blockchain technology and a strong foundation to work , users are now fully compensated.

More details on this collaboration at https://ark.io/