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Band protocol partners with Brave New coin to improve the global network

By Inkarias - 2020-11-27

In the field of crypto-currencies, oracles play an important place within this ecosystem and are the support or even the basis of many functionalities implemented across the world. Band Protocol is a cross-chain data oracle platform that aggregates and connects real-world data, information and APIs to different smart contracts through the network. Thanks to projects like Band and its protocol, different uses such as Defi, prediction markets, and games can be introduced and executed on-chain with confidence thanks to decentralized oracles which remove all possible risks. Functional and cutting-edge oracles are therefore necessary to ensure the maintenance of daily operations in good conditions as well as to ensure a bright future and in line with the vision of the project. With this in mind, Band has recently established a new collaboration with the entity Brave New Coin, or BNC.

A collaboration to implement institutional-grade price data

Founded in 2014 and backed by Techemy Ltd, BNC is a well-established data analytics and research entity strongly focused on blockchain technology and the entire digital market. The society provides spot-pricing, index solutions, research and more and will be a great addition to the Band ecosystem.

The main goal of this new partnership is to fully use institutional grade weighted average spot prices for the BandChain decentralized oracle network. This solution comprises the support for more than 1500 currencies and will greatly facilitate the work for developers wishing to access and integrate the price feeds. 

Soravis Srinawakoon, CEO & Co-Founder of Band Protocol:

Working with established and reputable enterprises such as Brave New Coin will be pivotal to Band Protocol’s success as we collaborate to provide a commercial solution that protects intellectual property and data privacy while enabling the smart contract world to interact with external data sources 

More information about this collaboration and the advantages can be read at https://bandprotocol.com