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Beacon Project LLC has been established

By Rafał - 2019-02-21

Beacon has been designed to make a difference in the real world and support an ecosystem of platforms. Beacon just announced that in the state of Wyoming they established a company Beacon Project LLC.
The parent company that will indirectly oversee all of the Beacon Ecosystem was established in the state of Wyoming with an in-state lawyer acting as the servicing agent for the company. Beacon Project LLC's primary job is the marketing and front end organization of the Beacon Ecosystem. All direct business with cryptocurrency and other platforms will be handled through subsidiaries founded in the near future.
This is huge step for Beacon project. As the founder announced, due to the fact that company was established Beacon White Paper and roadmap are going to be updated.
More informations about that soon.
For more visit https://www.beaconcrypto.org