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Beacon’s State-of-the-art Architecture

By Rafał - 2019-01-27

Beacon Incubator which runs with the concept of inviting developers to join the Beacon team and helping them develop and lead utility platforms, has received a positive response from its community and has caught attention of many people and individual developers. The Beacon Incubator provides a strong structure to Beacon and helps it provide number of utilities and remain strong even if one of the utilities tends to fail. Therefore, to incorporate and support this concept, Beacon has come up with some necessary changes to capitalize the opportunities which lies ahead of it.
Beacon has established a real-world company in United States to: provide security to its investors by introducing filing and documentation, grow through official channels and open the door of opportunities outside of the cryptocurrency world as well. Establishing a company in a country such as United States which has strict laws shows that Beacon is here to stay for long term and is not just another scam project focusing on short term gains.
Beacon is presently working on establishing a parent company classified as “software development company” which is being used to develop multiple platforms which directly or indirectly make use of its blockchain ecosystem, community and cryptocurrency. A conglomerate structure is being created by building Child companies under this parent company to provide Beacon with multiple utilities.
Beacon structure
The child companies are completely isolated from each other. Therefore, if there is an issue with one utility, it will leave other utilities unaffected. The child companies at present constitute of Beacon cryptocurrency itself (BECN) and CryptoSwag Merchandise store. The project Beacon Arcade has been paused due to filing and other difficulties. Meanwhile the logos for two new projects have been released and the names will be announced soon.
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