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Beowulf Expanding Business and Getting Ready to List its Coin

By Lorenzo - 2019-12-11

BeowulfChain, a decentralized cloud network for communication services, is gearing up for the listing of its native coin and will conduct a $200,000 trading contest to celebrate it. The native coin will be named BWF and the tentative listing date is around late December or early January 2020.
The value of the BWF coin will be determined only by the supply and demand, however, Beowulf will incentivize supernodes by rewarding them with mining and transaction fees rewards in return for validating blocks. To become a supernode, it’s necessary to hold 3 million BWF coins and meet all the network requirements.
Beowulf will issue another cryptocurrency named ‘W’ coin, a stablecoin pegged to USD for communication service fees.
We want to position our native BWF coin as the membership passport to all supporters of our various products and services coming on stream now and in the future – with suitable rewards for BWF coin traders upon its initial listing.
- said Dr. William H. Nguyen, CEO of Beowulf.
Beowulf is already partnered with some of the biggest companies in Asia like AIA, a global insurance platform and even popular universities like the Fulbright University or the National Taiwan Normal University.
Beowulf recently announced its business expansion thanks to a partnership with Thuong Hieu Viet, Vietnam’s leading business association which counts with 50,000 members. Beowulf will be sharing its technology with all 50,000 members.