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"Bet Like a Ninja" Wagerr marketing campaign

By Inkarias - 2019-09-28

Wagerr launches "Bet Like a Ninja" contest promotion to spread the word how Wagerr is the best sports betting platform and users will be able to earn points by promoting Wagerr's mascot, the Red Ninja. The more points a user get, the better the prizes, with the biggest promoter getting the Grand Prize: two tickets to Super Bowl 54, travel completely included. The goal of the campaign is to attract global attention to Wagerr. The #betlikeaninja contest is designed to be fun, flexible, and open to everyone who wants to participate. With this new promotional event , Wagerr introduces its new mascot , the Red Ninja. The Wagerr Ninja, affectionately known as "Winja," represents a new force in the world of sports gambling.


Guerrilla Campaign

A Guerrilla marketing campaign is promotional or marketing effort that uses unconventional means and any tools that happen to be at hand to generate interest. The wagerr’s team has prepared several way to share the word in unique ways :

The supporters can Earn points for being the Red Ninja and attending sporting events dressed as the Red Ninja. The Campaign Team is also here to help with costume design.

The supporters can Place Red Ninja stickers where people will see them.

Snap selfies with Winja if a supporter find Red Ninja stickers or billboards or meet Winja at live events.

The team has also launched a writing competition to spread the word about Wagerr.


Grand Prize: Two all-expenses paid trip to Super Bowl 54 or $17,500 paid in BTC (at USD value at time of payment
2nd Place: $5,000 (USD value paid in WGR)
3rd Place: $2,500 (USD value paid in WGR)
Other participants: A total of 175,000 WGR will be distributed to hundreds of other winning participants.
More information at https://betlikeaninja.com/