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Birake celebrates its 1st anniversary today

By Rafał - 2019-08-08

Birake is currently celebrating its 1st birthday on this day since its creation and has accomplished a lot in 1 year despite twists! As the team shared:
Our company is one year older and one year wiser! 
Historically, on the 8th of August 2018 Birake generated its Genesis block at 2018 11:43:07 GMT. This was the start of a new vision and development which brought Birake far in the crypto sphere.
Composed of a team of people with more than 15 years experience diversified in IT and forex trading that managed only large scale products, Birake is meant to success in the crypto currency market and bring innovations and decentralized exchanges where its needed .
Launched in August 2018 with an innovative vision toward the cryptocurrency exchange markets, Birake brought the shared orderbook feature under the spotlight of the whole crypto community. The success and the numerous partnership Birake created is the proof of the dedication of the team.
Despite the current market situation since 2018 and the ups and down brought with it, BIR is stronger than ever and remains the main utility coin used for Birake Network Exchanges. It has multiple functionalities from being used for network fees to market fees, from being a masternode coin that can generate rewards to a coin with which you can pay different services, like software trading platform inside Birake Network for example.
During this past year , Birake accomplished many objectives including the addition on all major listing directories like CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, CoinPaprika, WorldIndex, etc. and also the listing on several big exchanges like Cryptopia, HotBit, CryptoBrigde, CoinExchange. The BIR marketcap was oscillating above 2 millions marketcap for a long time.
From the beginning last year until today , the Birake community slowly grew from 2000 members to almost 30.000 members on all their social media channels such as Discord , Twitter and more.
In order to thanks the community for their support and show their gratitude, the Birake team decided to offer to the top Birake coin holders, one special BIR anniversary coin!
Birake coin
To receive the real anniversary coin, holders with more than 500 000 BIR coin must send a screenshot with their wallet address at support@birake.com before the end of 31 of August. BIR anniversary coin will soon be available for purchases directly from the official birake website.
If you want to learn more about their events and the birake network, you can
visit: https://birake.com