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Birake exchange is live!

By Rafał - 2018-11-29

Birake platform is live and ready to be tested by the users at trade.birake.com.
As Birake team promised the early version of exchange is ready for the Inside Fintech conference which is starting today.
On the current version of platform users can register, deposit and withdraw coins and trade 2 pairs BIR/BTC and BIR/ETH. The platform looks very similar to Cryptobridge becasuse it is forked from Bitshare like CB or Excodex but Birake have own blockchain which is independent of Bitshares. Of course be careful with deposits, exchange is still in testing stage.
Birake fintech

Birake at Inside Fintech Conference.

Masternode collateral

At block 150 000, so very soon, there will be another collateral change. From 20 000 BIR to 25 000 BIR per masternode. To update collateral follow this guide (from BIR discord channel):
1. Go to Tools > Open Masternode configuration File
2. Comment the line (add # before masternode configuration line) Example #MN1 vpsip:port PRVKEYNotNeedToChange OldTx OldTxIndex
3. Restart Wallet
4. Send 25000 BIR to the same address (in our case MN1)
5. Open Tools-> Debug console and type masternode outputs
6. Go to Tools > Open Masternode configuration File Replace the OldTx and OldTxIndex with values from previous step and remove the comment (# added at before masternode configuration line) Example of new line: MN1 vpsip:port PRVKEYNotNeedToChange NewTx NewTxIndex
7. Wait 15 Confirmations
8. Go to Masternodes tab and click 'Start alias'
9.Go to your vps and type birakecoin-cli masternode status you should receive "Masternode successfully started"
PS. if not started just wait some more confirmations and repeat step 8 and step 9