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Birake launches its new innovative partnership program

By Rafał - 2019-05-30

In 2019, the various cryptocurrency trading platforms generating a large daily volume became inaccessible because of the price to be paid to obtain a listing, sometimes reaching several tens of bitcoin. The multiplication of projects in the crypto sphere has also complicated and slowed down the process of listing on an exchange. Since its launch on the cryptocurrency market, the Birake team has managed to demonstrate its professionalism through its investment and its devotion to reach the set and predefined objectives to be in adequacy with the needs of the market and more precisely new emerging projects that cannot drive themselves to a listing on an exchange.
Birake is a unique Masternode project which built a platform in which users can rent or own their own cryptocurrency exchange ! Using the technology and infrastructure that the Birake project provides, platform users will be able to upload their own logo and create everything they need to launch their own business with their own domain, creating their own crypto exchange without the requirement and the need of coding knowledge. This opens a lot of possibilities to start generating income from exchange fees! Birake is called the “White-Label” exchange   because it allows users to re-brand their exchange in any way they choose and like.

The benefits of partnership for customers

Birake announces its new partnership program allowing users to be part of this revolution by becoming a partner of the Birake Exchange Network! Official partners may receive a percentage of the trading fees generated on the Birake network. The different offers vary between 20% and 60% of the trading fees of your members. The Birake team sets up only 1000 possible partnerships for this year 2019.
Partners will be also included in FeesBack Program and they will receive the same percentage back from their trading fees. For example: A project can list a coin ,share the partner link to the community and receive up to 60% from their fees and can also benefit of 60% fees discounted for all their trades , which make it really interesting for a market making program.
Birake therefore offers the opportunity to promote a quality DEX with an innovative trading and rewards system, while ensuring a continuous quality support for the users. The Birake network continues to grow and is composed of many partners such as webmasters, cryptocurrency developers and traders. The strength of Birake is the network, which the team puts forward with this partnership program.
To become a partner of Birake, simply choose one of the packages offered, ranging from 10,000 to 100,000 BIR, offering different rewards depending on the level purchased. These packages are valid for a period of one year, are renewable and can generate significant gains via the fees of the platforms.
Birake therefore simplifies the process of creating and implementing a cryptocurrency exchange, making the listing accessible for many projects including crypto currencies based on masternodes at a reasonable cost and well below to what is proposed by current competitors in the market.