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Birake Network announces its bimonthly coin listing program

By Rafał - 2019-06-07

The success of a project is often linked to its ability to generate volume and interest for investors and partners. The cost of listing on a well-known exchange, often exorbitant or even inaccessible, has become a major obstacle for many projects and teams that cannot afford market entry.
Birake proposes a new solution to simplify the process for new projects on the market. Soon, the community will have the opportunity to submit projects to a vote on the Birake platform to obtain a listing on the exchange at https://birake.com/coin-listing/. Coin Listing Program is a new feature that will help communities to list their favorite coin on the Birake Exchange Network. The cost associated with listing on the exchange will depend on the market and the existing competitors with a minimum amount of 1 Bir
Birake vote
“By voting, the community helps cryptocurrency grow, giving it exposure and liquidity. This kind of competition incites team spirit and engagement among coin communities as they join forces to achieve their goals.”

Terms and conditions

Coin/ Token listing registration:
1. Register your coin/token on https://birake.com/coin-listing/
2. Comply with Terms and Conditions from https://birake.com/terms-and-conditions
Community Voting:
In order to be able to vote for your coins/tokens you need to accomplish the following :
1. Register on Birake Exchange. Voting can only be done by Birake members.
2. Deposit to your account a desired number of BIR coins.
3. Use BIR coins to vote 1 BIR= 1 VOTE
4. There is no maximum vote limit for each member.
5. Member can vote to more than 1 digital asset.
6. Every vote is final and cannot be canceled.
Voted coins:
1. The amount of BIR deposit at each digital asset will appear on the voting page.
2. The accumulated votes are permanent and non refundable. If a coin fails to win a vote for a certain period, the accumulated votes will remain intact for the next period.
3. Every two weeks Birake will list the winning coin after the coin developers fill in a simple KYC form. Only 1 winner each time.
4. The winner is not required to have a minimum or maximum score.
The coin listing program will allow active communities to share the word about their favorite project and give a chance to bring exposure toward a specific project chosen by the community.