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Birake network launches a Multi Level Referral program

By Inkarias - 2019-10-30

Since several months, the Birake team has been working hard to ensure a great marketing within the crypto sphere to increase the general audience of the Birake network. In short, Birake , a white label exchange platform is building an exchange network offering the ability to build your own market easily and without any technical knowledge. Everyone in the Birake ecosystem can benefit from its passive income solutions. From masternodes and fees gains/reductions to this new referral program, Birake is taking a great step forward to bring a lot of potential investors and partners by offering a wide range of solutions to build a long-term passive income. The ability to use the exchanges with a single common order book is also a great addition for all users in the ecosystem.

Birake Referral

Referral program

The Multi-Level Referral program is close to be deployed and has been recently announced by the core team of Birake itself. Even if some adjustments remain to be made in the next days, there is no doubt that this new program will be released soon. Anyone in the community can now earn extra revenues through Birake Referral Program:

Birake is offering part of the fees on 3 Levels (25%, 10% and 5%) which could mean much more than 40% - 70% only from Level 1 and could represent a huge passive income. As the team previously shared around that program:

Bring 10 users, if they will bring another 10 each and after that another 10 are registering and trading by the level 2. You will have 10X10x10 = 1000 users under you. (25%L1 + 10%L2 + 5%L3). It could mean a generous passive income.

More details are available at https://trade.birake.com/referral or directly on the official website at https://birake.com