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Birake network offers a 80% discount to answer CB massive delisting

By Rafał - 2019-11-12

Crypto Bridge team has recently announced its desire to change the way the exchange is functioning now by bringing several changes regarding the current market situation. In fact, many dead projects were listed on the platform since long time and weren’t bringing an enough volume and activity to fit the exchange’s vision. Crypto Bridge conducted a deep evaluation of the projects' recent development, volume and community feedback to decide in order to decide about the path to take for each specific project. As a result, the team identified a list of project projects for a delisting batch (25th November). These projects, among other things, are not achieving minimal development and volume demands to maintain a listing on Crypto Bridge.

A huge opportunity for Birake

Through the coin listing program previously introduce by Birake, many projects suffering from the delisting will be able to get the chance to be added into the Birake network. As such, every 14 days Birake lists the first coin ranked by votes among all participant projects. Some documents are still required to apply for a coin listing on the platform: basic information about the project, social links, and official whitepaper and other contents.

Birake is now offering a new opportunity after the crypto bridge announcement by making a huge discount on its direct listing price (0.3 BTC actually) with a 80% discount for the following projects:


If you want to learn more about Birake goals and plans check our interview with Birake CEO, Bogdan Mavrodin.