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Birake PROMO: Exchange for free!

By Rafał - 2019-01-22

Birake started huge promo. Next 10 exchanges will be delivered for free for first year!
Birake free
Free exchange promo includes only pakcage 1, it means trading fees will be splited between exchange owner (50%), Birake (40%) and masternodes owners (10%). Package 1 cost 120 000 BIR per year with no extra costs.
There are few basic requirements to participate in that promo and become exchange owner in Birake network:
- community of minimum 1000 members
- 100 new traders per month
- simple KYC verification
Inside Birake Network we are not competitors, we are partners. My trader can trade with your trader, I get my fees and you too. Building a strong database and a huge orderbook we will benefit together!
Birake started referral program for this promo. If you know someone who will fit for exchange owner you will receive 10% from his monthly payments for one year.
For more visit https://birake.com
You like that promo? Fill that form to apply.