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Birfineon Funding News and updates

By Rafał - 2019-09-12

The Alqo team recently announced the completion of the seed round funding of 1 million EUR with their new partners, B.I.G. Fintech, LP. B.I.G. is a US-based VC fund focused on blockchain projects with high impact potential. This partnership will provide the funds necessary to complete development of Bitfineon and bring it to a full launch before the end of this year. Finally, this new collaboration is structured in a manner which allows the team to keep the sharepool fully intact, as promised. For reminder , the sharepool provides participants who lock their XLQ on the exchange a share in 50% of the trading fees collected from the eligible pairs.
Furthermore, the Alqo business headquarters were reorganized and relocated from Switzerland to Germany, where the company has secured offices in downtown Heidelberg!
Being headquartered in Germany will allow the team to provide full fiat and crypto trading services to the entirety of the EU, under the regulatory oversight of BaFin (the German financial regulatory body) and provides new opportunities that weren’t available while the team was still based in Switzerland.

Upcoming events

1) The team will offer live streams from the new offices in Heidelberg to engage with the ALQO community during the daily development workflow and to answer all the questions in real-time.
2) Details on partnerships Bitfineon will be soon released and relevant questions about those partnership will be answered on due time.
3) ALQO branding will have a new refresh. This will include a new website, increased marketing, and the refocusing of the ecosystem’s project scope.
4) Bitfineon Core will launch in full. This includes full trading functionality, however several items such as Arena, Auctions, etc., which will be released at a later stage.
5) In-depth details regarding the new ALQO codebase, codename ‘Polaris’ and the new wallet.
6) A full debriefing & plan-of-action regarding Liberio’s issues which affected certain specific users.
If you want to learn in depth the evolution of the Alqo ecosystem, you can visit the official funding press release or directly the official website https://alqo.apphttps://bitfineon.com/