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Bitfineon CEO, Jared Grey speaks about being a CEO in the crypto sphere and the past year

By Rafał - 2019-12-02

Jared grey shared some words about this past year and everything that has been surrounding both Alqo and Bitfineon projects. As 2020 arrives, a vast majority of Jared past business experience consisted of private consulting and almost zero social media involvement.

As he shared: “The crypto industry, its lifeblood is social media, whether its Twitter, Discord, Reddit, you need to be involved in one or more platforms daily. Social media is powerful, and it took me time to understand and acclimate to its influence in crypto.”

As CEO, he is responsible for the direction of the company and execution of its product roadmap. One of the key roles Bitfineon provides is for core development of the ALQO cryptocurrency. At the end of 2018, the team experienced several setbacks, which exacerbated by the market downturn, caused the depreciation in the value of the developer fund, the primary source of funding at that time. During Dec 2018, it became clear the developer fund would no longer support business operations for Bitfineon and ALQO, and the decision was made to seek funding via an equity sale in the company looking for more partners and listening to offers. Kevin, the old developer at that time, failed to deliver any code for any product that wasn’t already available publicly and pushed a lot of troubles in the community of both projects during the past year, blocking existing possibilities.

A new horizon

After a successful round of virtual meetings and an investor dinner in Orlando, FL, the team executed the equity sale for 1M EUR to BIG Fintech, LP. The successful funding round provided validation that the project had an intrinsic value, and that people believed in the team to execute the associated vision.

Whole details about his thoughts can be found at https://medium.com/altcoin-magazine/my-crypto-year-in-review-65619616b999