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Bitfineon.com is now officially launched with no KYC required

By Inkarias - 2020-07-13

ALQO (XLQ), is a digital payment solution based on blockchain with the goal to gradually add secure and easy ways to buy cryptocurrencies across Europe, especially in Germany and then the rest of the world to bring financial capabilities for everyone. In short, Bitfineon is a cryptocurrency trading platform that was still in developmental stages since several months. Initially, the project was meant to be established in Germany, but the difficulties in finding capable legal experts and tax consultants with knowledge of digital currencies made that choice impossible to realize. The project is now fully established, and the core team recently announced the official launch of the exchange with no KYC required for crypto trading.

Current features implemented for public launch

As of 13 July, 2020, the Bitfineon.com exchange was launched with basic features associated with exchange’s services. Direct trades eliminate the conventional over-the-counter trades with reduced fees and trusted parties doing the trade as both users on both ends must be registered on Bitfineon.com. The exchange is currently offering trading services with various crypto pairs and might add fiat currencies as soon as possible once legal and technical requirements will be met. Futures trading is still under active development and will be added to the network once fully ready. Furthermore, upcoming auctions will be a great feature as users will have the ability to set up auctions for specific amounts of virtual currencies. Since the auctions will not have an API, they will not have any impact on market prices at all.

The most important part of this launch is that the exchange is accessible to everyone without specific prerequisites. Unlike many competitors, the KYC (Know-your-customer) procedure is not required at all in order to be able to trade. This solution is therefore open to many more potential investors.

More details on the launch of the exchange at the address https://exchange.bitfineon.com/