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Bitfineon GmbH CEO Keen on Building Strong Community, Responds to AMA

By Rafał - 2019-03-14

Jared Grey acquired the position of CEO at Bitfineon GmbH around 6 months ago and has so far handled the project, team and community perfectly. Jared during the announcement as the new CEO, openly invited the community to ask any questions that they may have about him or about the project on the ALQO discord channel in the general chat section.
Keeping the word, Jared has provided the community with answers to all their questions in PDF format which relates to his functions as the CEO at Bitfineon GmbH. Most of the questions are about the ‘Present status of Bitfineon’ and ‘About Bitfineon funding?’. As for the answer, Bitfineon will soon launch Beta Version which will be independent of funding and Bitfineon is still in the middle of securing funding which will ensure the longevity and growth of the platform.
All the questions and their answers can be found in the PDF below:
All the other technical answers and the follow-up answers to the one’s starting singularly with “Jared” will be provided by Kevin Collmer.
To know more about ALQO and Bitfineon GmbH, and to ask your questions, join ALQO discord channel.