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Bitfineon Soon For Beta Release

By Rafał - 2019-03-29

Bitfineon, the crypto exchange that claims it is deploying military grade security featuring hardened encryption on its platform has announced that it is launching its beta version. This revelation was made by the founder and CEO of the company, Jared Grey.
Grey who thanked members of the community for their contribution towards the success of the latest translation project said that the community effort was massive. He stated that the drive succeeded in translating the project into more than a dozen languages.
He stated that the planned release of the Beta version has been scheduled to take place in stages highlighting the importance of carrying along all the members of the community.
Grey appealed to a previous post by one of the project developers, Kevin and inferred that the Beta version would be up and running by the end of Q1.
Interestingly, he mentioned that features for the beta have not been decided adding that these would be added as the team work on its development. He assured that this would have the barest basics such as registration and login while the order page would be added in later versions since the beta version is not meant as a proof but a testing pad for the community.
He wanted the community to understand that the beta is a sort of stress test of the work already accomplished by the team. The approach endorsed by the team is to test each feature as it is added to guarantee that they are fool proof.
The order of testing according to Kevin is Registration, login and account system, chart order book, history. These shall be followed by tests on order generation, order cancellation and other advanced features including sharepool meant to identify faked coins.
It wouldn’t make sense enabling all the features from the onset according to Kevin. Doing this would make the team miss important details they may have overlooked. So the approach would be releasing features every 2-3 days. There will be instruction accompanying every release to enable new users identify flaws where they exist.
The beta version comes with the auction feature so community members will have the opportunity of participating in commercial activities while testing the system. Provision would be made for suggestion.
In conclusion, the team thanked the community for maintaining a positive attitude throughout the period of waiting for the beta launch.