• Market Cap
    $2,074.204B -5.11%
  • POW Market Cap
    $1,471.266B 11.34%
  • POS Market Cap
    $190.229B -4.18%
  • Masternodes Market Cap
    $5.559B -1.76%

Bitgreen’s new wallet UI and functionalities

By Rafał - 2019-06-19

With the latest announcement about the BitGreen’s rebrand, Trent, a core member of the BitGreen Team responsible for the digital marketing, made a video presenting an overview of all the features included in the new BitGreen Wallet. The team's vision is to focus development and evolution towards the satisfaction and feedback of its community. With this major change , the BitGreen Team wishes to put the wallet as the main element of the entire ecosystem, integrating different crypto services and tools and ensuring the best user experience for their customers.

The different features

The new UI is divided in several tabs centralizing all the important information related to a specific user account and the possibilities associated.
A newly designed homepage presentation highlights new wallet features such as transactions and balance management (incoming and outgoing funds) as well as the recent activity. The team gave visibility to key new wallet features as well as important BITG updates and related content (Rewards, Dashboard and Airdrops).
With the current status of the BITG wallet, there was no possibility to centralize information about the rewards analysis or evolution. This new wallet will include a new tab for masternodes and staking reward tracking. It will allow users to easily control their funds and their investments in a single interface.
Furthermore, Roots Network and BITG airdrops have become an important part of the BitGreen ecosystem. The BitGreen team offers to investors and partners the possibility to participate in airdrops directly through the new BitGreen wallet.
Finally, the last important change is related to the ecosystem and network governance. The wallet will now include major updates for Governance-based functionalities, including Crowdfunding & Community Proposals. While governance becomes accessible for every user through proposals, Crowdfunding is still under development for a future integration.
Learn more about BitGreen: https://bitg.org