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Bithumb exchange is listing Energi and organizes a huge giveaway for the community

By Inkarias - 2019-12-19

In order to celebrate the official listing of NRG on Bithumb Global, the exchange decided to organize a “10,000 NRG Grand Prize Pool” event rewarding the community members and investors/traders for their participation. The giveaway is divided in 3 tasks running at the same time from December 18,2019 to December 25,2019 (based on UTC+8) and consists of:
  • An inviting event with 2000 NRG prize pool: During the event, registered users who invite new users to sign up at Bithumb Global and complete KYC2 verification will be rewarded 2 NRG (Each user can receive up to 6 NRG maximum). The rewards for this first type on a first come first served basis.
  • A deposit event with 4000 NRG allocated: Only users who have passed the KYC2 verification can participate in this event. During the period, users who have completed NRG net deposit greater than 300 NRG will be rewarded with 3 NRG rewards (20 NRG maximum per person) The same principle as the first event is applied here too.
  • A trading competition with 4000 NRG prize pool: This category is also verified for users who have passed KYC2. During the event, users who have accumulated NRG trading volume greater than 2,500 NRG are eligible to participate and Top 200 will win a reward.

If there are any subjectivity in interpretation of rules of results, Bithumb Global has the final decision on interpretation. Bithumb Global reserves the right to cancel the reward if it any cheating or foul play is detected during the event.

Winners announcement and distribution

Once the competition is over, the winners will be announced directly on the official website on Dec 31, 2019 and rewards will be distributed within 5 working days after the official announcement.

More information at https://www.bithumb.com/ and https://www.energi.world/