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BlacerCoin (BLCR): The future of Esports

By Rafał - 2019-01-21

Blacer is a company of professional Esports team of Starcraft2 and is registered in England. It aims at developing careers and achieving something in the big wild gaming world. Blacer is a propitious platform for the people who plan on pursuing their career in Esports (gaming). It organizes many online and offline tournaments around the world and hosts them on twitch, youtube, afreecatv etc.
Masters of Nodes have been supporting BlacerTV for several months. Now we will be happy to support BlacerCoin, the future of esport! We prepared short BLCR overview.

About BlacerCoin

Blockchain is bringing revolution in almost every field one after another. This time, it’s the Esports industry and the road is being paved by the Blacer Platform. BlacerCoin is a parent company of the Blacer Limited Company and is the world’s first blockchain project which aims at providing a platform for gamers and supporting professional gamers to pursue their career and dreams in gaming. It is a cryptocurrency based on Proof of Stake (PoS) and masternode consensus focused on providing fast transactions, low fees, high scalability and advanced decentralization.

Use cases of BlacerCoin

Some of the noteworthy use cases of BlacerCoin are:

As payment method on BlacersShop

The BlacerCoin platform will launch its own marketplace called ‘BlacersShop’ for the community to perform sales and purchase. The players can exchange their BLCR in BlacersShop for digital games, apparel, tournament tickets, mouse, keyboard, headphones, other hardware accessories etc.

As a currency to organize tournament and pay tournament prices

BLCR can be used as a payment method to organize online and offline tournaments, to buy/sell tournament tickets and to pay the tournament prize money to the winners who can then exchange it for another cryptocurrencies on trading platforms or, for accessories on BlacersShop.

To develop Blacer gaming platform

Blacer is making use of the blockchain technology for building ‘World Players Rating’. This rating feature will help gamers learn their value on pro-gamers market, calculate their earning potential and help them improve their skills and find sponsors. BLCR will be used as a native currency and will help maintain the transparency of the platform.
BlacerCoin sepcs
BlacerCoin is done with its Presale phase and is all set to enter the cryptocurrency market. It will soon be listed on coinexchange.io!
BlacerCoin is a promising Blockchain project which aims at providing a platform for beginners and professional gamers to pursue their career in Esports industry. The use of decentralized blockchain technology ensures the transparency of the platform and makes it immune to fraudulent activities. It also ensures data security and provides protection to customer’s shared data. In the future, Blacer plans on expanding this solution to the gambling side of Esports industry as well. Blacer is creating a whole new era for Esports and gaming.

More information on BlacerCoin and its special specifications, premine distribution, roadmap and reward structure can be found here: