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BLOCK1000 - Blocknet bounty program

By Rafał - 2019-01-01

"New Year, New Blocknet!" Blocknet introduced new bounty program called BLOCK1000. It was designed to help Blocknet community grow. There are 1000 BLOCK coins that will be given out as a rewards.
Our goal is to create and encourage a growing community of passionate individuals that are excited to help spread the word about Block DX, Blocknet interoperability, and our partnerships with other compatible blockchain communities.

Rewards and rules

Twitter post or reply have to include tag @the_blocknet and hashtags #decentralizedexchange and #BlockDX for posts about BLOCK DX or hashtags #interoperability and #InternetofBlockchains for posts about Blocknet. Reward for an original post is 0.15 BLOCK.
Youtubers can count on bigger rewards. 5 BLOCK for every video showing live trading on BLOCK DX. To receive reward post a link to the video on Twitter and tag @the_blocknet and each coin traded. Also include hashtags #BlockDX #decentralizedexchange and the $cashtag for each coin ($LTC, $SYS etc.)
There is 0.25 BLOCK bonus if any tweet will be retweeted by account with over 20k followers.
5 BLOCK for an original and positive Reddit post about Blocknet that generates at least 25 comments.
To get paid, submit your posts to @cryptoved on Blocknet discord channel.

New Year, new #Blocknet! Do you love what Blocknet has been up to lately? Want to help spread the word? Now...receive Free BLOCK rewards for your social media posts! Read all the details here: https://t.co/vn5aqqCj8h#crypto #cryptobounty #cryptorewards #blockchain $BLOCK $BTC pic.twitter.com/cLr5NDogEi

— Blocknet [Jan/3➞₿?] (@The_Blocknet) January 1, 2019
More details at https://blocknet.co/introducing-block1000