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Blocknet Releases Mandatory Wallet Update with Enabled XRouter Protocol

By Rafał - 2019-04-25

Blocknet has released the Beta Version of its most awaited XRouter. XRouter makes it possible to build decentralized apps using features from any public or private blockchain providing complete solution to cross-chain interoperability between any given blockchains.
XRouter is built to provide solution for number of problems related to dApps’ development such as Blockchain bloat, no cross-chain solution, no communication between different blockchains and many more.
Blocknet XRouter
XRouter is compatible with all blockchains, enabling instant decentralized access to any public or private blockchain, facilitating creation of mixed-type dApps’ by making features of all the blockchain accessible and allowing blockchains to freely exchange data. This will not only keep in check the total size of a blockchain but also increase the scalability of the platform tremendously.
XRouter protocol has practically unlimited use cases such as in storage and hosting and fields such as business, education, markets, media etc. The XRouter API details can be found here https://api.blocknet.co/#xrouter-ap
The latest wallet release with XRouter protocol enabled is a mandatory update for everyone. Update to the latest version asap (link given below) as those who fail to do so will end up on a fork and will not be able to stake or make withdrawals to exchanges.
Wallet update link: https://github.com/BlocknetDX/blocknet/releases/tag/v3.13.0
Learn more about Blocknet: https://blocknet.co