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Blocknet latest newsletter.

By Rafał - 2018-11-16

As most of you might already know that blocknet releases its newsletter twice every month to keep the community up to date on its progress and development. Here are the updates from its latest newsletter.


An updated version of Block DX is set to release in coming days which will include ability to pull updated configuration files directly from Github. It also includes improved form of 'my order’ table and fixing of some minor bugs. The Block DX in-app updating feature is also complete and is undergoing final code signing integration. XRouter’s fee system has been implemented and additional work has been done to address RPC locking.


Blocknet will officially launch Portals along with the first coin announcement on Monday (19th November 2018). Creation of tutorial videos by Blocknet to help its users will begin in next few days. Blocknet recently attended the E.U. Blockchain Roundtable Event, the Malta Blockchain Summit, Devcon4 and plans on attending the upcoming North American Blockchain Expo on 28th November 2018. Youtuber Cryptocandor has released a new shirt that features Blocknet to show his support.

Social media and websites

A new Blocknet Listing Application Form is now available for new projects. Once it is confirmed that a project is compatible with the Blocknet protocol, they can go ahead and fill the Blocknet Listing Application Form.
The documentation portal framework is also complete and updates to API documentations are set to release with the next wallet update.


Coin announcements will resume in next few days while Blocknet prepares to announce several coins. Blocknet protocol currently supports 92 blockchains. All of that coins can be traded at Block DX. Full list can be found at Blocknet’s Coin Hub and in addition to this there are other 37 blockchains that are yet to be announced. BLOCK is now listed on Bittrex, Cryptobridge, UPbit, CoinSwitch and Cryptopia.
For detailed information on latest updates of Blocknet, please visit www.blocknet.co.