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Blocknet mandatory update

By RafaƂ - 2018-12-11

Blocknet has released the new Block DX version 0.8.2 and the required wallet version 3.11.0. The wallet release contains a protocol bump hence it is required for everyone to update. This update release focuses on performance improvements, enhancing the user experience and strengthening the reliability of the Blocknet protocol.
The wallet update (version 3.11.0) brings with it XBridge protocol version bump, XBridge improvements, RPC locking fixes, efficiency improvements, and new screens in the redesigned wallet. Many additional verification checks and performance improvements have been included. The new update will enable trading with bots and provides the most token support for traders.
The Block DX update includes order form validation messages, a fall-back for the auto configuration file update and minor bug fixes.
The wallet version 3.11.0 and the Block DX version 0.8.2 can be downloaded from github (link is given below):
Wallet update: https://github.com/BlocknetDX/BlockDX/releases/tag/v3.11.0-redesign
Block DX update: https://github.com/BlocknetDX/blockdx-ui/releases/tag/v0.8.2
This release has set a new milestone in the journey of Blocknet and with the release of its new roadmap format, it can easily be seen that Blocknet will continue breaking new grounds as it moves into 2019.
For detailed information on Blocknet wallet and Block DX updates, visit: