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Blocknet’s Accomplishments In 2018 Overview and Its Vision For 2019

By Rafał - 2018-12-16

With the upcoming Christmas and the approaching end of the year, Blocknet has wished its community a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year while providing a brief about its accomplishments in 2018 and what it plans on achieving in the following year (2019). Present year was a busy one for Blocknet as it launched Block DX (Blocknet’s Decentralized Exchange), won the title of best blockchain developer of 2018 and did a transaction without a blockchain installed.
Blocknet Merry Christmas
source: blocknet.co

Blocknet’s achievements so far

Blocknet started out the year with a boost of confidence and commitment which it received when some of its team relocated to Austin, Texas. In the month of January, BLOCK was added to the CryptoBridge Exchange, Blocknet published its first roadmap for 2018 and a support team for Block DX was created.
On March 1, Blocknet launched the beta version of Block DX which was shortly followed by the publication of Blocknet Whitepaper. Blocknet also attended the Tokenfest event, published an article on the Blocknet protocol, launched updated Blocknet website, revealed its Branding by VSA partners and released an introductory video to Blocknet and Block DX.
In the month of April, Cryptopia exchange listed BLOCK. Blocknet became the first to partner with the NIX project via their upcoming DEX manager and attended the Global Blockchain Expo in London where many projects spoke highly of them.
In May, Blocknet took a huge leap forward for the whole blockchain ecosystem with the announcement of XRouter (an inter-blockchain SPV client backend) which enabled the verification of blockchain records from theoretically any blockchain without requiring users to download the blockchain. Also, first round of coin announcements for Block DX commenced.
In April, Blocknet released Alpha API for XRouter and attended the European Blockchain Expo where it gained recognition and earned the title of “Best blockchain developer of 2018”.
Blocknet set another milestone in the month of August when it successfully sent a Syscoin transaction from one address to another, all without the SYS blockchain installed. This was the first ever transaction of such kind.
Blocknet continued to gain recognition and community attention in the months of September, October and November and continued working on Block DX and Blocknet wallet updates. Blocknet’s next update is due on 30th December 2018.
(Detailed information on all the major and minor accomplishments of Blocknet in the year 2018 can be found at https://blocknet.co/word-on-the-block-blocknet%E2%80%8A-%E2%80%8Aa-year-in-review/.)

Blocknet’s vision for 2019

Blocknet will continue updating XBridge, Block DX, XRouter, XCloud and its blockchain as it moves into 2019. As its protocol matures, it will continue to lay a firm foundation for an “internet of blockchain”. Detailed information on Blocknet’s vision for 2019 can be seen on its latest roadmap here- https://medium.com/@theblocknetchannel/blocknet-2018-q4-roadmap-and-beyond-58a406f9d790.
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