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Brad Marsh stepping down from PAC Global and new plans

By Inkarias - 2019-11-02

The PAC team has recently announced a major change in the current organization of the structure. Brad Marsh has stepped down from the full-time role of C.M.O. of PAC Global after long considerations. The Board of Directors has unanimously voted through Robin Matthes as PAC Global's new C.M.O. and Michael (Andrew) Contreras as Chief Marketing Coordinator and Brand Ambassador! Robin and Michael will carry equal responsibility for the success, growth and value-creation of PAC Global Marketing and have developed a BETA community marketing plan that will be implemented to rapidly increase PAC audience. The full document can be found here.

Future plans

The marketing plan covers some priorities which will be achieved by the team first, such as:

  • Create a marketing team that includes all roles needed to execute the plans
  • Completely redesign the website to make it more attractive and intuitive for users
  • Adopt PAC at a hand full of retailers that we closely work together with to get rid of all the suboptimal performances in the retailer adoption process.
  • Improve Discord engagement (currently the main channel of communication for the team)
  • PAC Global “Rebranded” Cryptocurrency Mascot for promo videos
  • Regular video updates on achievements and plans, status of chain, wallets new releases, updates, plans in different languages
  • Massive campaigns on all social medias
  • Database creation – The team needs to keep an updated records list for the campaigns and will continuously build up this database. Contacts and records will be shared with only those that need access to it
  • Proximity marketing - e.g. free PAC through SMS bots on various demographic location
More information and details on these plans published on https://www.pacglobal.io/