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Breaking: Cryptopia hacked!

By Rafał - 2019-01-15

This is very bad news for all users registered on Cryptopia. This New Zealand exchange was in maintenance mode for some time lately and now the team announced that Cryptopia was hacked.


As we can read in the announcement on Twitter "Yesterday, 14th January 2019, Cryptopia suffered a security breach which result in significant losses." That means that probably a lot of coins were stolen from the exchange. What we find out for now almost 2 days ago someone trnsfered over 19k ETH from Cryptopia address, you can find this transaction here: 




We do not know what exactly happened, main goal of hackers was probably crypto helded by Cryptopia but not coins are the biggest problem for users but all passwords, usernames and personal data! Cryptopia KYC verified their users to increase daily withdrawal limit and this can be the biggest problem for people that decide to verify themselves. 


Let's hope users personal data are safe. Of course Cryptopia staff notified Government agencies.


Full announcement:

Cryptopia ann